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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

It was back to our normal routine today. Mark didn't want to go to Walmart for a walk, but he went anyway. I only picked up a few things, but by the time you make the loop in Wally World, it can be pretty taxing. He kept asking me after every item if that was all. He went and sat on the front bench while I paid. After two days of doing nothing, it caught up with him really fast.

He also didn't want to do the occupational therapy tasks I had set out for him. But again....he did them anyway. Tomorrow we head back to Provo for more speech and occupational therapy. I hope he does well because that determines how often we need to go. Although, he may be more willing to work with them than me. Who knows.

We got to sit down together as a family tonight for dinner. As I looked around at the faces of those that I love the most, my cup runneth over.

Today's conversation:
Mark: "Stay in here and take care of me."
Scarlet: "Hey...I've been by your side every minute of every day for the last 32 days."
Mark: "Did you think I wasn't going to make it?"
Scarlet: "Yes. The doctor said you might not."
Mark: "What exactly did he say?"
Scarlet: "He said, 'It's not very probable that he's going to survive.'"
Mark: "Wow...I bet that was hard."
Scarlet: Crying, " was very hard."
Mark: With a smirk on his face, "I guess it's a good thing it turned out okay."

The head neuro/psych doc spoke with us before we checked out of the hospital and told us about a police officer in Lehi that got shot in the head. The bullet went in above his left eye and out the back of his head on the left side. So, basically the same areas as Mark. The doctor said that when he left the hospital he wasn't as far along mentally as Mark is now. He couldn't speak, read or even do some tasks for himself (shave, brush teeth, etc.). That was two years ago. The officer is now pursuing his MBA. Absolutely unvelievable and such a testament to me of what is possible. I can't wait to be looking back on all of this two years from now and be able to see how far Mark has come. How far our FAMILY has come.


  1. my roommate was the one that shot that police officer. I always hoped and prayed for him, and I am so glad that he is doing so much better. And it gives me so much hope for Mark. You just made my day!!

  2. I am so impressed by the positive nature of your blogs Scarlet and how they continue to focus on the blessings in your life and the many, many miracles and faith builiding opportunities y'all are experiencing. It would be so easy (quite NATURAL actually) to get caught up and lost in the bitterness and anger as so many do and rob oneself of the growth and strength that you all are benefiting from because of having the faith, strength and courage to meet your challenges head on, walk through your pain and trials and focus on those things most important to you. I am inspired by your words and your deeds and by your trust in the Lord. Thank you Scarlet and Mark of being a shining example of how we can endure our hardships with grace and dignity, partake of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and lay our burdens at his feet. I always knew you were amazing people and I am proud to know your family. Y'all keep working, we'll keep praying.

  3. I haven't looked at blogs for a few days and I was happy to read these three new posts!! I kept telling my self and wondering how Mark and you all are doing! So I'm so glad you'll keep the blog going!! So Happy that he's home and he has such a wonderful wife and darling girls to love and support him in this journey back!!

    I agree...that picture of Mark all hooked up and such...hurts my heart, too!! WOW!!!!! and to see him the day he left! Wow!!! The body is a miraculous thing, and of course, along with all the prayers and blessings and faith!!

    Thank you again for being so willing to share your journey with me (us)!!!