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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night (Day)

We had a fun day today. It started out at my nephew Parker's birthday party, for which I was asked to make a shark cake. Of course I obliged as I don't need even the slightest excuse to make a cake! The party was at Jump On It and it's a little loud in there. Mark could only stay long enough to sing happy birthday and I cut the cake. Here's a pic:

Mark had mentioned that he'd like to see the movie True Grit. So I figured it was time for us to experiment a little with his stamina. He enjoyed the movie, but I don't think he was able to understand a lot of what was going on. It was hard for me to understand Jeff Bridges, so I know Mark struggled. And sometimes you have to speak directly to him and a little slower than normal for him to understand what you're talking about. But he handled it quite well. Then we went to Red Robin for a quick bite. We did a double date with our dear friends Doug and Tanya. We haven't been out together for quite some time and it was fun to laugh again. It was really good for Mark and I to spend some FUN time together, instead of all the medical stuff we do everyday. We got a little piece of normalcy. Thank you Doug & Tanya!

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  1. It was so Great to be able to go out again! I was about in tears as I sat there and watched you and Mark sitting there together, holding hands and being able to have a conversation! What a Miracle!! We are thankful for the friendship we have with you and Love you and your family so much and are so thankful for Mark's progress and look forward to alot more date night's. ( or day's)