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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Think To Pray?

I can't express adequately how full my heart is to have my family whole again. Just the mere fact that we were able to all be together in our home in more than a month has me reeling.

But the thing that really put me over the top was when we knelt together in family prayer. I had wanted to say it, but Mark said, "Livvy, would you like to say our prayer?" The thing that is so great about this is that I felt the patriarch of our home had returned. AND he got Livvy's name right (was Cindy, as every other female).

It is somewhat strange to have him home and his brain is not completely healed. He's somewhere in the middle. I feel like I only have half of him back. There are things I want to talk to him about or say to him that I know won't be understood or fully comprehended. I'm so grateful he's here, but long for his full return. I know my prayers have been answered, and all of yours, as well. On this Fast Sunday, I know my testimony has been strengthened 100 fold. I have witnessed miracle after miracle on his behalf. The Lord has more for him to do. And for that I am so humbly grateful. I cannot imagine trying to finish this life without him, and grateful to my Father in Heaven that I don't have to.

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  1. Scarlet, what a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing with us. I am extremely grateful that Mark has been able to return home to your family both physically as well as spiritually. We love you and are continuing our prayers on your behalf. GO MIRACLE MARK!