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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Remember just a couple of posts ago I was pretty upset that Crime Victims Reparations denied our claim? Well that must be the third of "bad things come in 3's". I got a phone call today from the hospital and they said that due to our current financial situtation they are going to write-off EVERYTHING we owe them. And to boot, because Mark is still going to speech therapy, he can continue to go at no expense to us. She also said that if we give a copy of the letter stating that they're writing it off to the other doctors and clinics that we owe, they generally match what the hospital does. ... ... ... ... Yeah, me too. I'm speechless. I knew they did this kind of thing as they are a non-profit hospital, but to actually be on the receiving end of it is quite astounding. I was overcome with emotion for this priceless gift. A great burden has been lifted, especially from Mark's shoulders. I don't adequately know how to express my gratitude to the hospital, doctors, all of you...there are no words. Just a simple, humble thank you.

2-week stay in ICU - $150,000
11-hour brain surgery - $65,000
Facial reconstruction - $10,000
2-week stay in Rehab - $50,000
3-months therapy - $13,000
Receiving end of the Lord's Blessings - Priceless

Blessing of the Day - the Lord's hand in my life


  1. Scarlet, this is soooooooooo awesome!!!! Just another of many, many prayers that continue to be answered and testify that God is real, He is aware of us, He knows us and He loves us. Moving forward just became a little easier by the grace of God. I am going to say a thank you prayer right now. Wow! Y'all keep working, we'll keep praying.

  2. This news made my MONTH!! We are so thankful for this great blessing to be granted to you all. Now you can rest a little (ok a lot) easier and move forward. Wow! This is the greatest tender mercy I have ever heard.
    Love you all.

  3. oh my goodness I am in tears! I am so grateful for this blessing for you both to help ease some of the worry so you can focus on more important things.

  4. That post brought tears to my eyes!!!! What an amazing blessing! I am so happy for you.