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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Movin' And A Shakin'

Mark keeps me hopping. He doesn't want to "hang out" at home. It gives him anxiety. He needs his own space and we're all a little cramped here at Grandma's, so he feels the need to be out and about. But when you're the chauffer, it can get a little exhausting. But after a trip to Home Depot to get some new rakes, lawn bags and gloves, he started working on the pine needles in the front yard. It didn't last long, but he at least got started. He's been really sleepy lately, probably due to the changes in his meds. He's not tired, he just can't keep his eyes open. So he crashed on the couch for a little while, which was great for me so that I could get started on the disability paperwork. More on that in a minute. Anyway, when he woke up he was energized and ready to start moving furniture and televisions around. He can't see very well as he's trying to retrain his brain to work with only one eye. So he put our 50" plasma tv on the dresser in our bedroom so he can read the DirecTV guide. I feel like I'm on the front row at the theater! Didn't take long for the nausea to set in. Gag. But I am glad that he had a project to do and was able to accomplish his tasks. Hopefully he'll get back to the raking tomorrow so I can get everyone's belongings a little more settled and we won't feel like (as Avery pointed out) we're camping.

The diability paperwork hasn't been too bad. It's a 14 page report that asks for all the doctor and medical record information. It says that if I don't currently have the medical records from the doctors that I shouldn't ask for them. The SSA will contact them and request the records. I feel like if I get them first and then send them in with the application it would go through much quicker. But I don't know what I'm doing. Anyone out there got experience in this? I know it's going to move slowly because it's the government, but if I can make it go even THAT much quicker, shouldn't I at least try? I know the SSA wants statments from the docs about Mark's condition and his ability to work. But if I could get them the actual records it might expedite things a little. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

I actually feel like I should be making a cake. I've had so many these past couple of weeks that I'm going through cake withdrawal. I'm sure Mark will have me moving and shaking tomorrow. Heaven forbid we have a quiet day at home!

Blessing of the Day: sarcasm


  1. Hey Scarlet,

    I actually work at Myler Disability and I help people receive disability. It´s quite a process, but since Mark has a ton of medical records I don´t think it´ll take as long to get his disability benefits. You could send the medical records to the social security office with his app. if you wanted to, but the Social Security office will request all of his records anyway. The thing they worry about most is the person not sending in all of the records. Some people will take out records thinking it will hurt their case. Anyways, I became pro at filling out the app. for disability and I know the process of what it takes to get disabilty. If you have questions or need help with anything please let me know. You can email me at

    -Bailey Nelson

  2. Scarlet,

    Brad Myler with Myler Disability is a personal friend of mine and I would encourage to contact them through your friend above. They will make the process much more pleasant and no exaggeration they are the best at what they do. It is a long and difficult process that they will be able to speed up for you.

    Good luck and we miss Olivia in our class.

    Mike Rasmussen