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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'....Keep Them Doggies Rollin'

Mark was busy again with therapies today. I went to speech with him and I'm amazed at what a difference a few days can make. He's reading more and doing better with matching the words to the pictures.

I'm also amazed at how much he's remembering from one day to the next. He's getting the day of the week right every time. Starting to get better with the city he's in and that he's in the hospital. He told me that he thought he was "up north". I said, "Do you mean Salt Lake?" He nodded yes. I don't know if he thought that because he had worked in North Salt Lake the day it happened or if he's just confused. Time will tell.

He's very frustrated with the left side of his face. From what he's communicating, it's numb from his upper lip to up around his cheek bone and eye. I'm hoping this is just from the surgery and the nerves will regenerate themselves and it'll come back to life. He's extremely frustrated that he can't see out of left eye. He asks the nurses everyday for something that can fix it. Again, time will tell.

The girls came for a visit today. He was happy to see them. They hugged and kissed and shared clementines. It was typical Daddy/Daughter time. I spoke with the charge nurse about getting a "hall pass" so that we could roam the hospital or even go outside. We're really getting sick of our four walls and the second floor. He doesn't spend hardly any time in his room during the day. I completely understand. It's been 4 weeks since he's breathed fresh air. They were going to discuss it in tomorrow's meeting and let us know. Cross your fingers for us!

The physical therapists took away his wheelchair. I guess he wasn't being very cooperative about getting out of it for therapy this morning. Once he was up, Dario took it and hid it. All day Mark was trying to talk the nurses into going downstairs and getting it. I know he gets tired from walking so much, but doesn't want to rest in his room. Hopefully the "hall pass" will come through and he won't feel so caged. If it does, we're walking over to the ICU and showing off!


  1. That would be WONDERFUL if he could get some fresh air. Fingers and toes crossed for you.


    I'll eat your cake for you. In fact, I'll devour it. I know, I'm a great and selfless sister. Love you guys! Wish we were there.

  3. Hey Mark, just wanna wish you a happy, wonderful, fantastic, awesome, cool birthday!! We are thinking about y'all the time and continue to pray for you and marvel at your recovery thus far! You rock! GO MIRACLE MARK!