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Friday, December 17, 2010

Movin' On Up, To The Top

Title must be sung to the tune of the theme song for The Jefferson's.

Mark moved into rehab today. His catheter was removed, his oxygen was removed, and they'll be taking out his picline tomorrow as he no longer needs antibiotics. He used the bathroom 3 times today. The literal bathroom. While this may seem gross or trivial to some, it is amazing to his nurses, and to me. People that have a catheter in that long don't usually start using their bladder as quickly and efficiently as Mark. Because his catheter is gone he'll now be wearing pants. To each of you that were privvy to his synchronized swimming and ballet apologies.

His feeding tube will be moved from his bowel to his stomach and they'll be starting him on food tomorrow. They leave the feeding tube in to make up the difference in calories from what he eats. I'm sure he won't eat too much to begin with. I would bet that his stomach is the size of a walnut (wish mine was). I gave him an ice chip and he took it out and gave it back to me. Hopefully food will be a different story.

He has to have a constant companion in his room. He's so active and wants to get up and down so much that he is a "fall risk". He can take steps very well on his own, he just has balance issues. He took a walk around the 2nd floor of the rehab unit today that was 150 feet. Any time that he wants to get up, they assist him and encourage his activity. There are no more restraints. I am amazed at the difference from the hospital to the rehab, as far as their theories on care.

He pulled me in for a hug today. When I told him I was leaving for a little while he said, "I love you." These are the things that help me get through my nights without my husband. I'm looking forward to Christmas with my boy. I'm hoping he'll have improved as much over this next week as he has the last two. Hug and kiss the ones you love. A little more today than you did yesterday.


  1. This post makes me smile Scarlet! So Happy for you!! GO MARK DAVIS!!!

  2. Love it!!!! So happy for you both! I'm so glad that things are improving! I Agree with Stephanie... "GO MARK DAVIS!!!". Sending good thoughts and hugs your way! Luv ya Miss Scarket!


    "Movin' on up! Movin' on up! To the rehab! To the rehab! Mark and ICU have said goodbye-eye! Movin' on up! Movin' on up! To the rehab! To the rehab! Mark will have to now zip up his fly-y-yy!!!!"

    Believe me when I tell you we are all dancin' and singin' around our kitchen like a bunch of crazy white people! (not really a stretch for us) We are so grateful for 'Miracle Mark's continuing, consistent, amazing, mind-blowing progress! (although we WILL miss the opportunity of a show now that he has to wear pants) Y'all keep working! We'll keep praying! WE LOVE YOU!

  4. P.S. Like I said yesterday; there is no stopping him now! Go Miracle Mark! Go Miracle Mark! Go Miracle Mark!

  5. He is certainly no wuss. I have no doubt he'll give it all he has. Go Mark!!!!