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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mark Davis!

And what a birthday it's been. How's getting a discharge date of Friday, December 31st, for a birthday present? Happy New Year!

Woohoo....we're going home!

I couldn't believe how alert, aware and cognizant he was today. Quite an improvement even over yesterday. Which I guess is why they decided to discharge him. We'll continue with speech and occupational therapy 3 times a week to begin with. We'll do that as long as we need to. I will be taught how to do therapies with him, so he'll get it at least every day. This is going to be a lot of work and I'm going to need a lot of help. To start with we will still be on 24/7 one-on-one time. I'm so afraid he's going to fall and hit his head. And there are things he cannot do: drive, tend kids (not because he's a danger, because it's too stressful), cook, work. Needless to say, I'm extremely nervous about this move.

There is still lots of recovery to go on and I want Mark to be safe and healthy and happy. I hope I'm equal to the task at hand.


  1. Oh Yeah!! Happy Birthday to Mark! Coming home on Friday, that is wonderful! So great that you won't have to make the trip to the hospital every day. We're excited to see his face across the street again. If you need absolutely anything, big or small, just give me a holler. 24/7 is still going to be a lot of work and stress on you, so seriously, anything.

  2. How excellent! This is truly spectacular news! Happy New Year indeed! The PERFECT birthday present!!! Good Job Mark! Great job Scarlet! We are so happy for you.

  3. These past 3 post have been so good to read!! I'm so happy that Mark is heading home!!! So, YES, Happy Birthday!!!!

    Thanks for sharing so much about Mark, his recovery, your feelings, etc., etc. with all of us!! I think about you guys a lot and want you to know that you're, course, still in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Mark! You made it!



  5. Miss Scarlett, If any one is equal to the task at hand.. its you! You have inspired me with your strength long before any of this happened. I have the best sister anyone could ask for. :) I am so excited that Mark is coming home, and we will be there to do anything and everything we can for you! Love you and mark, and your beautiful daughters.

  6. Miss Scarket! Congrats to you, Mark and the girls! What a fantastic birthday present! I agree with Paige, you are equal to the task, just don't forget to let others help you along the way so that you don't burn yourself out! You are amazing woman and you can do anything! Just keep the faith! Love ya! Let me know if you need anything! I'm always up for a road trip.
    Luv ya!

  7. This is excellent news! Happy birthday Uncle Mark!! Aunt Scarlet you are stronger than you give yourself credit. Congratulations on going home!

  8. SO happy to hear this! What great news he got on his birthday! I have always looked up to you and your will do great and so will Mark! 2011 will bring amazing things to you and your little family!

  9. Scarlet, you have been equal to this task thus far and are a stronger woman because of it. If anything, you are now even more equal to this next task at hand because of the things you have endured and conquered thus far. You Scarlet, I dare to say, are now equal to ANY task which may put before you. You have been a rock, an inspiration to us all, a wonder to behold and I am not being facetious in the least. You can do this Scarlet! You can do this thing.