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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 4

Mark had a great night. The neurosurgeon removed both cerebrial drains this morning. He said he is pleased with his progress. He removed his bandages and Mark has 2 horseshoe shaped incisions, one on each side, above the ear. The facial reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Cook, said his eye is doing okay. The sclera (the yellow part) is so swollen that it is protruding through the eyelids. They are applying 2 ointments, one is an antibiotic and the other is a lubricant to keep the sclera from drying out. We will not know if the eye is working until Mark wakes up and can tell us what he can or can't see.

They've reduced his sedations meds from 50mg to 10mg because they had to increase his pain meds. But the pain meds don't keep him as sedated, so he seems to be a little more alert. Not awake, but alert. He is moving his right leg A LOT, even trying to hang it off of the bed. He's even adjusting his hips trying to get himself more comfortable. During his sedation vacation this morning he moved his left arm very strongly. We're pleased as the movement on his left side has been minimal.

His urine output has been high. The nurse said that our brains produce a hormone that tells out tissues how much fluid to retain. Because of the swelling in his brain, this hormone may not be being produced so they gave him some along with more fluids to make up the difference. They decided today that because he has had so many fluids since surgery and he's was bleeding so much that they are reducing his fluid intake to see if he can regulate his urine output on his own.

While nurse Leah was washing his face this morning he was squirming and she thinks he tried to open his eyes. He's still not responding to commands, but is responding to pain stimulus.

We're pleased the drains are out and he's moving more. We celebrate each little improvement and count them as miracles that move us hopefully toward a full recovery. Cautiously optimistic.


  1. Hour by hour, day by day. We'll take what we can get. Good news for today--yay!

  2. So happy to hear the promising update regarding Mark's condition. Y'all keep working, we'll keep praying! We love you, your courage is inspiring.

  3. So glad to hear Mark is making progress. We, along with our families in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington are praying for your family daily. You've got a lot to deal with, so if you need anything at all, we're right across the street.

  4. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time. My husband Eric and Mark have been riding there dirt bikes several times together. We both want you to know that we are here if you and your family need anything! So happy to hear that you have been seeing improvement with each new day! Much love to you and we will be standing by. Love, Eric and Emily Challis

  5. Mark & Scarlet -

    We are just sick about this. We were so sorry to hear the news about Mark. Really wish we were closer so we could visit and help. We are praying for you both and your sweet girls. We just can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt Mark. Such an easy going guy and so fun to be with. We had so many great times with you all and we miss you guys! We look forward to your posts and are so grateful that things seem to be going a little better each day. What counts is that there are improvements each day. Hugs to you both! Love you guys!
    Britt & Stephanie

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. I would love to help in anyway I can, if you need anything at all please let me know.

    Russ and Jamie Loveless

  7. Glad to hear he's doing some good things. You're in our prayers and I'm still here, ready to help.

  8. Hi! My husband, Wade works with Mark frequently at the CFC. We were so sad to hear of this incident. We are praying for y'all in hopes that Mark will make a full recovery and that y'all will be blessed. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    Wade and Melissa Knapp