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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mark is definitely making new memories. Today he was concerned that his brother get arrested. I'm so glad he's remembering things, but know I'll probably still have some explaining to do.

It was a quiet day overall. With no therapies, it can get a little monotonous. But with few visitors it's nice time for us to spend together. Before this happened we didn't get too much of that. I wouldn't trade one for the other, of course. It's just nice to have some time together alone.

The doctor came in today and asked Mark some questions. When he asked him how he was doing, Mark said, "I'm ready to go home." I think he's realizing that he has to stay in order to heal properly because he doesn't try to do the escape thing. The doctor asked him what day it is and he said it was Sunday. He asked him the month and he said it was October. He's still not getting the "city" or "building" he's in, but I think it's coming soon. Those may be reception problems - not understanding the question. I work with him on this everyday.

We got to go to sacrament meeting in the hospital chapel. That was nice, but noisy. Didn't know if Mark was going to make it through. It's only 30 minutes, but that can be a lot for him to take in. There were 2 noisy babies in a confined space. But I will say this.....wish ALL sacrament meetings were only 30 minutes long. It was awesome! Then his doctor's kids came up to the rehab and played some Christmas music on the harp, guitar and piano. That was really nice. By the time this was over, Mark was trying to get back to the room. TOO MUCH STIMULATION!

He recognizes people, for the most part. Getting their name right can sometimes be a challenge. For some reason he has 2 names of choice - Cindy and Sandy. I correct him hoping that the cylinders that are working that part of his brain will "click" and get firing correctly again.

There will be cognitive testing done on Tuesday and a meeting of all his doctors, nurses and therapists on Wednesday morning. I'm hoping they can give us a tentative discharge date. I know he's not ready to go yet. He's impulsive, meaning he doesn't realize that there are things he could do before the injury, that he can't or shouldn't do yet. Such as drive, or even walk alone. The sooner he understands this, the sooner he'll be able to come home. I have to admit that I'm scared to bring him home. I don't know, right now, exactly what that will entail. I'm basing my fear on what I see today, and that's not realistic. But I'm afraid, none the less.


  1. My Sacrament meeting was over an hour yesterday, and I can honestly say I thought about you nearly the whole time! I can not even imagine what you really are going through. I feel so distant that I can't do anything to really help YOU. All I do is pray, cry, and pray some more. I know they are working. I know it! We have you and Mark to thank for the blessing of strengthened testimonies this last month. Love, love, LOVE you.

  2. We've continued to think about you and Mark a lot and have kept you in our prayers. This is such a hard trial for you to go through, I pray that Heavenly Father's strength will be with you. We will keep praying for you, Mark, and the Girls.