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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 8

Mark had a quiet day today. They took him off of his sedation meds last night at 11:00 and he hasn't been back on. As long as his heart rate, ICP (inter-cranial pressure), and blood pressure stay stable, they will leave him off of them. When he gets agitated from too much stimuli, or starts to realize he's awake and gets frustrated because he can't do certain things (talk, move, etc.) then they may have to sedate him again. These agitations make his heart rate, ICP and blood pressure rise.

Dr. Cook said he was doing fantastic 24 hours after surgery. There is no noticable swelling, which is quite amazing as they put so much titanium into his face. I found out the long sutures from his eyebrow to his bottom lid are to keep his bottom lid from sagging due to swelling. They went in behind his lower eyelid to put in screws. I asked if they were planning to do anymore surgeries, and they said no. The neurosurgeon put a titanium plate in the left side of his head before he closed his last surgery (Dec. 2nd). He needed the plate because just above his ear it had "shattered like when you drop a glass bowl on the floor".

The respiratory therapist is really pushing to get him off of his ventilator. Mark needs to have control of his airway which means that he could protect it by coughing or gagging if he were to vomit or have any kind of secretion get into his throat. He said there's a 50/50 chance they will have to do a tracheostomy (put a hole in his trachea/throat). I paniced, but it's really not that big of a deal. When he gets fully recovered as far as his airway is concerned, they just sew it closed and it heals just fine. He may have a little scar.

He has not had to have any cerebral fluid drained from his skull for 60 hours. I'm hoping they pull that drain in the next day or two. Once that happens, and he's off of the ventilator, he will probably be moved to another floor. Woohoo!

Mark slept a lot today, but during his alert time he really seemed to want to get his gown off. I call it his dress. I think he can feel the catheter and he wants it OUT! I don't blame him. I swear it's as big as a water hose. I really have to monitor him when he has visitors. If I don't, they'll have to give his room an NC17 rating. That's my Mark!

There is a journal in his room where visitors can write a note to him. I encourage all of you who read this to post a note here or in the journal if you visit his room. If not for him, then for me. I am so grateful for all of your concern and prayers. I would not be handling this well without them. I feel their power and influence, and I'm sure Mark does as well.


  1. Love you. And my written note to Mark would be the same thing I whispered to him on Saturday--"Keep fighting hard Mark. Scarlet and your girls need you."
    Always in our thoughts and prayers...

  2. I've taken to reading your blog updates when everyone is sleeping because I inevitabley break down like a hysterical blubbering idiot when I read about Mark's progress and I dont want anyone hear me. What a continuing miracle he is! Scarlet, you are my hero right now for being able to maintine your composure and strength through this horrendous travisty. We'll keep paying, y'all keep working, go Miracle Mark! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  3. Thank you for this blog, and keeping us all updated. Your stength and testimony are a strength to me. We continue to pray for you and Mark and the girls. Mark really is a miracle.

    Russ and Jamie Loveless

  4. Hi Scarlett,
    We've been reading your blog daily and you and Mark and the girls are in our thoughts often. We will pray for you and Mark to have the strength to make it through such a difficult trial. I pray that Heavenly Father's peaceful influence will be with you and that you will be able to feel how much he loves you and is mindful of you. We are grateful for your family and that we know you.

  5. The strength that you, Mark, and the rest of your family are emanating is so beautiful! We are all fighting for you and your family! Thank you for keeping us up to date, and for staying so strong. As Elder Bednar once said: "In the strength of the Lord we can do and endure and overcome all things."

  6. Scarlet,

    We have been following all your blog updates daily and Mark's progress is truly amazing. Our prayers are with your family. We pray for Mark to have the strength to endure and overcome this trial and for you and the girls to have the ability to hold strong and endure the sleepless nights, long days and painful memories. Always remember that it is in these times your Savior carries you. Please let us know if you need anything. Love Mike & Stephenie Rasmussen and kids.

  7. Mark and Scarlet,
    We heard about Mark at a church activity this week and I swear when I heard it seemed like everything just stopped, I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut. Not Mark! Chip and I have been following your blog everyday. We wanted to come visit tomorrow night for our date night, but our sitter for Ash just cancelled and I am nervous leaving the kids with all the little ones including the baby and Ash and being so far away. We will shoot for next weekend. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love your family so much and miss you more than you will ever know, the new neighbors are a nightmare! Keep up your good sense of humor and let us know if there is anything we can do. Just a side note. Two memories of Mark that always bring a big smile to my face-Mark out there helping lay our RV pad as any good home teacher would do and second Madison's cute little "back pack" she showed up at my back door with one day while Mark was babysitting:) When I returned it, it was the only time Mark was ever speechless:)
    We love you guys and all our over the fence visits,
    Chip and Tracy and family

  8. Scarlet and Mark-

    We cheer everytime we hear that Mark is making an improvement! We are following your blog very closely and keeping your family in our prayers. Pleas know that we love you! If you need to send the girls somewhere to play, you know you can send them to our home. (Don't worry abou the babies- they are doing great and it wouldn't be a problem AT ALL!) I admire your strength, Scarlet! You are a rock for your family, and Mark is a miracle! Keep fighting, and we will keep praying!

    All our love, Travis and Carrie Pitts and kids

  9. You are an amazing example of strength. Thanks for keeping this blog--it's great to see how Mark has been improving. You, Mark and your girls are in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Scarlet, Mark and the girls- you and your family are such an example of strength and faith to me and my family. You are truly remarkable people and I am so glad I know you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I think about you often throughout the day. We love you guys very much. Mark keep fighting for your life and for the life of your family. We love you guys.
    Love Scott and Tiffaney Jacobsen.