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Monday, December 6, 2010

Best News Yet!

Mark had a great night and morning, the CT scan was good so the drains can stay out. The neurosurgeon saw Mark this morning. He sat in the chair across from him and just stared at him. The nurse came and asked him what he thought and his only reponse was, "I am so impressed, I am so impressed."

They removed his internal blood pressure gauge, so he just has a cuff on his arm now. But the best news so far is that when they woke him up during his "sedation vacation" he opened his eyes! He looked around and was "awake" as the nurse described it. They were open for about 20 minutes. By the time I got here, they were closed, but the nurse said he was probably just very tired. But I opened his eyelid and talked to him. He looked at me and looked at the light. They will try and wake him up again around noon. He also keeps crossing his ankles, and the nurse asked me if he likes to relax that way.

I'll post more later on the rest of the day's happenings. We continue to feel your prayers and appreciate all the love, support and fasting yesterday.


  1. Without a doubt I believe miracles can happen. Great, great news! Love you Scarlet.

  2. You have been in our thoughts and prayers every moment. Thank you for creating this blog so we can keep up on Mark's progress. We love you.

    Dave & Barb Mecham

  3. Please know you're in our thots and prayers! When things start to get tough in my life, I often catch myself saying, If God can part the Red Sea....! He's a Miracle Worker! It's what He does best! "Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord."

    Jess and Annette Moulton

  4. I know the Lord works miracles in our lives, literally causing the blind man to see. My husband John is living proof of that fact. With this kind of progress Scarlet, your husband is gonna have to be re-named "Miracle Mark"!
    Keep believe'n!

  5. We'll b praying 4 u guys. Keep up the strong faith and positive attitude, it seems 2b the only way 2 go through this kind of experiences and grow. Believe the miracles happen, I too have seen it w/my own eyes and more than once.
    The Van Ormans