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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He's Baaaaack!

When I walked in today, the first thing Mark said to me was, "Where have you been? I have missed you all day." Need I tell you what that did to my heart and spirit?

He had SUCH a great day! During occupational therapy he was matching colors and shapes, and putting blocks together at different angles. The aid said she believes he is using his left eye. Don't know yet for sure, but I'm hopeful she's right!

Forgot to tell you yesterday that during occupational therapy he was playing UNO with the therapist and he was cheating. He kept pilfering and hoarding the WILD cards. Had to add this just for you, Brit & Steph. (But he never did admit to it)

Mark was very engaged in conversation today. He could carry on about the same subject for quite some time. He still uses made-up words for some things, but it was pretty easy to understand most of what he was talking about. This language issue is called Aphasia. The therapists believe that it will eventually go away. It can be frustrating at times as I don't always know what he's trying to say. Time will tell. He did remember how long we've been married and that he has 3 girls. He recognizes them and loves on them, it's just whether or not he can answer questions about them. He actually snuggled in the bed with each of them a little tonight. They ALL enjoyed that favorite past time.

Two funny things about today. One of his meds is a powder and so to kill two birds with one stone, they sprinkle it onto the top of his yogurt and spoon it to him. After the third bite he made the "gross taste" face and said, "That tastes like sh*t." Then later while he was trying to get comfortable on the bed, he pulled his pants down in the back and was flashing us his butt. When I told him he was mooning everybody, he said, "That's some good stuff." Kim, Steve and I had a pretty good laugh.

My heart was breaking as I prepared to leave tonight. We had the best day and I told him it was time for me to leave. He asked where I was going and when I told him "home" he asked the nurse, "Do you think it would be okay if I went home with her?" While it was hard to hear, it was GOOD to hear. My baby is coming back and everyday he get's a little stronger physically and mentally. I look forward to what tomorrow may bring.


  1. What a great visit. I continue to pray he knows how much we love him and you. I loved what he said to me today, not just the funny stuff, but his connection with me. It made me smile a lot!

  2. Miracles Scarlet. That is all there is to say.
    So, so, so, HAPPY.

  3. who knew? who knew Mark was a 'closet exhibitionist'? hang in their Scarlet and thank you for your continued dedication (among many other things) to this blog and updating us on the awesome progress! We love you and are continuing to pray for you, Mark, the girls, the doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons, etc. You get the idea. Y'all keep working! We'll keep praying!

  4. Scarlet, I just went back and re-read all your blog posts from day one, December 1st, literally, day one. I was blown away once again by the hand of God in your life and in the life of your husband Mark. Mark has defied all the odds, 'broken all the rules' and set almost every (if not every) "timeline" on its ear!! Mark is a living miracle and testimony of the power of God in our lives, of faith and of prayers. Anyone who believes God has 'ceased to work miracles' has not been privy to the last 22 days of your life Scarlet, Mark is your miracle. Wow. So happy, so amazed, so grateful. Saturday is Christmas, do we dare hope? (YES!) I'm not even gonna say it out loud. (go miracle mark, go miracle mark)

  5. YA!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see that Mark is coming through to you each day! I laughed my butt off when I read about the hoarding of the wild cards. I think both Mark and I did our fair share of that!!!!! Too funny! That brought back such great memories for us! We miss you guys! We talk all the time about the fun we had with you all. Hopefully soon we can get together and have another UNO match!! We would love that! Keep on hanging in there Scarlet! In no time things will be back to the way you want them and need them, I can feel it through your posts and the progress Mark is making each hour! So happy for you and your sweet family! Love you guys!!