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Sunday, April 10, 2011

In All Of Living Have Much Fun And Laughter...Life Is To Be Enjoyed, Not Just Endured (Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley)

Have you ever been in fear for your personal safety? Have you ever worried that someone might hurt your children? Have you ever been afraid to go anywhere with someone other than your spouse or close personal friend for fear that you might be taken into a situation that you have no control over and have no ability to remove yourself from said situation? I'm talking about REAL fear. Heart pumping, mind racing, overwhelming fear. That is what Mark is living with.

Mark had an excursion over the weekend with someone other than me and he was in panic mode the entire time. When he got home he told me it was a horrible experience for him. He was so worried that they were going to end up in Provo and there was nothing he could do about it. He is truly afraid. I guess that's natural when you're almost murdered by people who are supposedly loved ones.

The worry invades our lives. We went to the zoo today and Mark was worried that these people could possibly be there. He goes over in his mind what he will do on the off chance he might run into these people. He watches for them. I told Mark that we are NOT going to live our lives based on the POSSIBILITY that we might have an encounter with people we want nothing to do with, who have hurt us beyond repair, and who we will never have a future relationship with. We are going to live our lives and live them well. We are going to be happy and celebrate the miracle that he is still with us, and enjoy our lives together, DESPITE the horrific circumstances that have gotten us here. We will triumph over all that has been handed us.

My sweet sister-in-law reminded me today why I need to smile. Quote: Because I have a gorgeous smile. Because I have beautiful daughters. Because I have a husband who loves me so deeply that he cries when he talks about me. Because I have been blessed with an eternal family and the knowledge of what is to come. Because I am strong. Because I am not alone. And she is right. THIS will not beat us. THEY will not beat us.

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  1. I second EVERYTHING your sister-in-law said. Very, very true!
    Love you.xx

  2. Absolutely right! You do have a wonderful eternal family. We love you all!