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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh Blessed Day

What a glorious day for the Davis family. We had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing our beautiful Olivia. She is our love and such a blessing to our family. This was truly a blessed day.

Mark was extremely nervous as he prepared for today. He recited the baptism prayer about 700 times, only getting it right about 10 times. He was so afraid he wasn't going to get it right and would have to say it over and over again. The Bishop had a card, with the prayer printed on it, taped to the glass in front of Mark. He only messed up once. He was beaming with pride as he raised his beautiful daughter out of the water. My cheeks were wet with tears as I wept to see the man I love more than life itself perform this sacred ordinance for his baby girl. It was a blessing I prayed for, with all of my heart, back in December. It was the culmination of a miracle brought on by the many prayers of our friends and family, even strangers, all over the world. I partook today of an extraordinary gift from my Father in Heaven. I am profoundly grateful.

I bore my testimony to this fact and looked down at my sweet husband's face. His eyes were filled to the brim with tears, as he too, recognized this day for what it really is. A wondrous gift of a miracle. A profound recognition of the Lord's hand in our lives. A blessed day.

Blessing of the Day: cleanliness


  1. Congratulations Olivia and Mark on your baptism. I sometimes forget that Olivia and Hannah are the same age almost exactly! This picture is absolutely beautiful and DOES portray what a truly blessed occasion this baptism is. Such a miracle and totally awesome!! Congrats again y'all!

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! What a blessing to have her dad baptize her!

  3. I have tears of pure joy for Mark and Olivia! What a perfect day!
    We love you all.